Warbirds.uk (Working name)

To see a demo of what I am trying to build, I currently have a test site set up at http://www.jamestesh.com/wip_sites/warbirds/

This one is a bit of a passion project of mine and is intended to show off what I can do with web technology as well as be a source of information for second world war and post war aircraft. I have only recently started developing this site and it is currently only a static mock-up. I do intend to convert the page to a WordPress theme once I am happy with the overall design but I’m not quite there yet.

The reason I have chosen the subject is because I am extremely interested in all things aviation especially second world war and post war military aircraft. I don’t feel there’s really a good, easy to read and rich source of information currently available on the internet and those three aspects are what I’m aiming for.


James - 15th February 2017

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