Python + Django = awesome

I’m in love with Python, there’s just something about the language that makes it incredibly fun to use. It’s easy to read and is fairly flexible in how you can use it and by extension I really, really love Django.

I’ve been using it on some work I have done recently for a survey/reporting web application and it has helped me get things done a lot quicker than I would have been able to do with vanilla PHP (I don’t have a lot of experience with PHP MVC frameworks and I bet these probably allow for the same rapid development/testing capabilities that Django provides). The greatest thing in my opinion is the extremely rich and powerful ORM and in close second the ability to create forms from models in a few lines of code they really do make things easy and straight forward and help me concentrate on the actual development of the application rather than the nuts and bolts stuff.

With the survey/reporting tool I have been developing I have also made use of the pdfkit python library (a wrapper for the excellent wkhtmltopdf utility) to take Django templates and produce dynamic PDFs (the reports). This combination really is fantastic, I will write a short tutorial on how you can leverage these resources in your next project.

James - 25th June 2018

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