More CSS animations

It has been a while since I last posted anything, I’ve been very busy doing some project work in the day and that has made me quite tired in the evenings! But today, I got an urge to play with some basic CSS animations again.

One of the things I have been working on with my current contract is a dashboard for a piece of software that should allow for more efficient testing. I have been involved with creating both the back-end and front-end code and it has proven very interesting and good for my development. One of the technologies we have been using is Java with Spring MVC and it is my first real exposure and application of that language, very interesting I must admit!

One of the things I have had at the back of my mind is that business applications are usually quite boring in appearance and sometimes that can affect how the end-user perceives it. If its boring, they will be reluctant to use it. As a developer I want people to use the thing that I have created.

Oh, and here’s a pure CSS loading animation that I’ve been playing about with:

See the Pen Simple Loading Animation by James (@typhoonsg1) on CodePen.

James - 21st June 2017

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