My opinion on Mac (It has changed…)

After having a conversation with my cousin about getting old (I’m nearly 30 now!) and the fact that at some point in our lives, we’ll have less time ahead of us than we have behind I made a decision. I’ll get onto what that decision was in a moment.

My prejudices against Mac have always been from a distance, that is, I’ve seen those daft people in the coffee shops with their Mac computers and immediately thought they were sat there because they wanted people to pay attention to them because they have a Mac in front of them. There’s also the fact that all Apple devices have built in obsolescence, but what doesn’t these days?

For the reasons above (and a few more I can’t care to recite right now) I have been anti-Mac. For the same price as an entry level MacBook you can get a Windows powered laptop with much faster hardware. That statement is true of course, but as I’ve recently started to realise, you only really need super powerful hardware for really demanding activities such as Gaming or 3d rendering. If you don’t do any of those things, then there’s no real point in ownings such a device.

So what do you get in a MacBook? A polished operating system that has really great aesthetics (I got bored of Windows), fantastic build quality and battery life. Those are a few great things I can think of right now. Oh, and here’s a big one for me, the operating system is Unix based and you get access to all of the great Unix tools out of the box, no messing about with some compatibility/emulator layer like Windows SubSystem for Linux or Cygwin to get a half-arsed attempt at linux. In WSSL you can’t access networking tools for example.

So anyway, after the conversation with my cousin about getting old and my general boredom of the sameness that is Windows, I decided to give one a try and bought a 2015 MacBook Pro. I’ll be honest, after using a Mac full time for the last week I am really impressed. I haven’t had it crash on me yet and the battery life is phenomenal. Purchasing and using this Mac has given me the same kind of freshness to computing that I remember when I was younger.

Another important point. I also like the fact that if I’m forced to use Windows at my workplace, I can use Mac in my own place and add another level of disassociation between work and my personal life, so far, that element has been priceless.

James - 2nd March 2017

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