Contracting is great for experience

Recently I have started my first contract job, I am currently doing some Doc1 developer work with a large financial organisation in Peterborough.

Long travel

The downside of it being in Peterborough and me being further north means that the commute is a bit of a pig. On a good run it takes me about 1 hour and 40 minutes which in itself is not great (though I am beginning to get used to it now) it’s even worse when there’s a traffic incident on the A1. Luckily, that has only happened once but it did delay me and the journey took over 3 hours.

The upside of contracting

I’ve spent most of my Doc1 Developer career working for The Royal Bank of Scotland Group and they had a certain way of doing things within the development environment and application servers.

There was nothing majorly wrong with the way they did things except that it was far too rigid. That isn’t a fault of the people on the ground rather, the fault of working for such a big monolithic organization and the associated red tape.

Agile is great!

The company I am working with at the moment has embraced Agile and all the advantages (and disadvantages) that methodology has to offer. I love it, its great and means that I can actually spend time doing development and testing rather than dealing with the paper work. At RBS a 30 minute change could take a week to implement due to the sheer complexity within their various processes.

I like the fact that with Agile, everything is organized into sprints and all development and testing that has been identified for that sprint needs to be completed before the end ready to go in to the release (in this case, bi-monthly). Boom, done. Next sprint please!

Using tools such as Atlassian Jira really makes the whole process engaging and helps illustrate exactly where we are against targets.

Getting back to my original point, this fresh exposure to Agile has really opened my eyes that things don’t need to be so long winded and boring. Agile works well in a development environment when implemented correctly and it is something all organizations with technical development teams should consider adopting.

James - 9th February 2017

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